Welcome to Camrose Tai Chi, a small and friendly class teaching at Camrose Community Centre, a few metres off the A487 St Davids road. Please explore our site to find out more about us. For more information, including times and dates of classes, contact me.

What is Tai Chi?
Although it looks slow and gentle each move is actually a formalised and slowed down version of an attacking or defensive action - tai chi is a martial art, but one that can be accessed by almost anyone from a beginner with arthritis to an olympic gold medallist.

How can it possibly be suitable for everyone?
Its great for almost anyone because there are benefits at so many different levels of experience and ability. It is like the skins of an onion - the deeper you go the more you discover. It can be done simply for relaxation and health as we do, or later as a fighting skill, either hand to hand or with weapons. And it does not depend on great muscular strength and stamina though it improves both.

Tai Chi is unusual among the martial arts in that it is known as an "internal art". If we make a pushing move we visualise a strong push but the body remains alert but relaxed. Surprisingly this produces after much practice a kind of strength that can overpower an opponent who is relying on muscle power alone.

What benefits can I expect?
Practice should improve relaxation and concentration, balance, posture, mobility, strength and the feel good factor as well as being enjoyable - and although we take it seriously we laugh too - another therapy! See the Health Benefits page for more details.
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